Gold is Gold!

Marriage and gold are synonyms in any Indian marriage. The attractive colour and brightness of this metal has made gold virtually indestructible. As you select the special sari to wear for the occasion it becomes equally important for you to make the right choice of jewellery. As you know, gold is not just for that one day, it is also something, which is considered an asset. So you need to be judicious in buying your gold jewellery. Gold is indestructible and is an easily recognized, acceptable form of payment. It is not just something you will look good wearing, but it can assist you in your bad times too.

We’ve got some fundu tips on gold. Check them out.


Go To a Trusted Retailer


Make sure that when you set out to buy gold, you make the correct decision on the retailer you want to shop from. It is possible to be easily fooled if you are not very familiar with gold. So go to a trusted retailer.


Build a Gold Wardrobe


Think of building a wardrobe of gold jewellery where you can mix and match and create a different look every time. Get a gold chain, a pendant and jhumkas, which are detachable. You might also want to include a pair of drop earrings, to replace the jhumkas. Make sure you don’t forget that chandi-bindi. Wearing a few matching glass bangles intermixed with gold gives a classy look; perhaps you could try it out. A gold kamarbandh looks sexy, if you can carry it well.


Try The Different Colours of Gold


Most of the jewellery done on gold is not hundred percent gold, but is mixed with an alloy, mostly platinum. This is because pure gold is too soft to resist prolonged handling. To increase its hardness gold may also be alloyed with silver, copper and a little zinc to produce a special shade of gold. As the proportion of silver increases, the color of gold changes from the bright yellow to white. Explore the different finishes that add mystery to your wardrobe.


Bit About Karats


When you go to buy gold you would be told of karats. The content of gold alloys is expressed in 24ths, called karats; a 12-karat gold alloy is 50 percent gold, and hence a 24-karat gold is pure. Most of the jewellery is in 22karats. If you should want gems embedded on gold then what you would be getting is 18-karat gold.


As you make your selection, try not to go in for too much of heavy jewellery. Apart from that set which you plan to wear on the D-day, go in for lighter designs. They are evergreen and classy which could go with your everyday attire and special occasions too. Guess these tips are enough to make you ready for Gold.