Bathroom furniture cabinets are a necessity for most of the people who have big bathrooms. All those who have more stuff and lesser space prefer to keep furniture cabinets in the bath room so that most of their things can be set up there.

Here are a few furniture options that are important for almost every bathroom:

  • Mirror
  • Vanity
  • bathroom cabinets

·         Lights


If you want to buy them you should keep a few things in mind:

Ø  They should have a multiple storage option so that more and more things can be put in the cabinets.

Ø  They should be safe if you have little children in the house.

Ø  Should be such that can be cleaned easily.

Ø  The height, size and shape should be good.

Ø  A vanity can hold a lot of things so it is a good option.


Multiple Storage Cabinets:

The cabinets should be such that they take up lesser space but can hold a good amount of things in them. Cabinets that have multiple racks are always a better option as they can hold a lot of things in them.

Vanity Cabinets:

Vanity cabinets are a beauty to add to your bathroom. They look nice when put up in any bathroom. The size and height of them is appropriate if they are put in the bathroom which is usually used by children. It is easier for them to take out and put their things on their own. But on the other hand it might be dangerous to put medicines and other such stuff that is hazardous for children.

Mirror Cabinets:

Mirror cabinets are a very nice option. These kind of cabinets are usually fixed inside the wall. A mirror is an important attire of any bathroom, the mirror serves as the door of the cabinet and shelves can be set up behind the mirror easily. Such cabinets are easily available in the market and they can also be put outside on the wall if not fixed inside the wall. Mirror cabinets can be a good place to put medicines and razors to avoid children from touching them.

Medicine Cabinets:

Usually medicine cabinets are a problem to put any where in the house as usually children get their hands into them. Bathroom is a safe and the handiest place as well. Medicine cabinets do not take too much space and can be put up at a good height of five feet and above to keep them out of the reach of children.

Dressing room Cabinets:

In big size bathrooms the dressing rooms are attached to them. The dressing rooms have all kind of cabinets in them. They have cabinets that can hold things from clothes, shoes to any other kind of things; they can be made according to any given design. They can be locked and things can be kept safely in them. Dressing room cabinets keep bedrooms clean.

Laundry Hamper Cabinets:

Laundry hamper cabinets made up of wood, steel, rods, net and any other stuff are a good way of keeping the bathrooms neat by holding all kind of dirty laundry. Clean clothes can also be placed in them. Wooden hampers can be used multipurposely.