The 5 things guys HATE about their otherwise favorite subject - GIRLS:


1. Girls make bad listeners:

Yes darlings, its true. You get so caught up in whatever it is that YOU have to say that you often forget about your male pal. Most girls have a tendency to center a conversation around themselves especially when in the company of their guy friends. This results in their overlooking the subtle signals that a guy would give if he wants to share something really important with her ("I hate to interrupt dear, but I want to go to the loo real baad!")

2. Excessive Jealousy:

It's a disease I tell you! Most girls suffer from it regardless of the fact that whether the male in question is a boyfriend or just a friend. It is most prevalent when another female enters the scene (the severity of this disease is directly proportionate to the degree of attractiveness of this 'other woman'.) As a guy who's been in these situations a lot, I can tell you one thing, don't waste your emotions. If there is another woman on the scene, don't keep nagging your guy about it.


Obviously he likes you more than her and that's why you're more than a friend and she is 'just a friend'. If your guy shows plethoric interest in the other lady, then it's about time you dumped him! Don't you think?

But for the most part, trust him when he tells you that a girl is his good friend. It is the 21st century after all.

3. Lack of space:

Yes! We need S P A C E. We love spending time with you, but there are things we need to do on our own time, with our buddies. Ever heard of the term 'male-bonding'? It's an integral part of who we are and bonding with friends, especially when one has a girlfriend becomes more essential for us. This is because we don't want to be labeled as the 'mush' guy. So please don't say things like, "you don't have time for me" or "I think your friends are a bunch of rowdies and you shouldn't hang out with

them". Don't make a guy choose between you and his friends. Because if he does, he'll always resent you for it.

4. Your love for creating an anniversary out of anything:

"Remember? Last year this day was the first time we argued. See I even bought you a present so that we can look forward to fight -free days!"

I'll pity the guy who happens to be in this situation, cause more likely than not, he would have innocently turned up at the date hoping to please the love of his life, and to be confronted with the anniversary of world war 1 (for which he has no peace offerings to make) would inevitably result in the storm gatherings of world war II!

So sweet ladies, remember, that life in itself is a celebration, don't upset it by expecting your absent-minded (but well meaning) guy to remember ALL the dates all of the time. He'll end up feeling like a little lost history student who has a number of dates to memorize to please his history teacher! Go easy on him!

5. Your love for yourself:

Women are one of god's most beautiful creations. The key words here are 'one of'. Men are not too bad either. Girls are so used to receiving compliments from guys. Ever thought of returning the compliment? Nah! You think he probably knows he's cute, maybe he does, but it won't hurt for you to tell him that he looks good. We love you and we admire you, and a genuine compliment from the one we love and admire would do wonders for our self-esteem.

Some girls are so hung up on the compliments they got (or did not get) that they totally neglect the guy it came from. Please don't be so self-centered; after all, we too, like to be told that we look good (and cut down on the nagging bit while you're at it!). Oh man. GIRLS! How I love to hate them!