Feng Shui


Good chi. It makes your world go round. Feng-Shui relates your positive energy to your relationship.


It's all about working with the elements. Feng shui, the system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, is the process of creating an ideal, supportive and balanced environment.


Feng shui principles are based on the four directions and placement of various objects according to their effects in those directions. An expert's way of going about it would be to examine your space and the way you interact with it. Recommendations for your well-being, prosperity, relationship and health are made, based on the dynamics of all the elements in that space - including you. Now, we may not be able to make you an expert, but we can give you tips to help you plan your life and space. Here's a tip that will come in handy: Begin by buying a direction compass!


Introducing the simplistic elements of feng shui around your environment is a good way to approach the mammoth task of building your dream home. Or even refurbishing the place you are going to be calling home. The equation is about balancing positive energy throughout your surroundings and banishing any sort of negativity.



Most importantly, keep in mind that the south-west corner of your room is the relationship corner. Working with the elements and energies in and around this direction will enhance the bond between newly-weds. These are a few other things you could do to encourage the yin (the feminine element) in your brand-new relationship:


Place a picture of you and your spouse in the south-west direction of your bedroom


Place all objects in pairs - never in odd numbers. Mandarin ducks, flowers (preferably bought by your husband) or a pair of white doves will have a good influence on your relationship




Avoid using peach on your bedroom walls. Too much green or white in the south-west corner is also avoidable




The shades that work for relationships are pink, red, light blue and mauve



Avoid having metallic objects like irons, electronics, plug points, etc. around your bed



Do not collect books in your bedroom. Books create clutter, which blocks positive energy



Idols of Gods or even the Laughing Buddha should not be placed in your room either. They can adversely affect a couple's physical compatibility




Be very careful about where you place mirrors in your bedroom. Your bed should never be reflected in the mirror. If that is not possible, cover the mirror at night. The same applies to other reflectors like television sets and computer monitors



Place a plastic or glass container with rock salt (khara namak) under your bed. Also place similar containers on either side of your bedroom door for positive chi (circulating life force). Replace them every 10 days




Do not create any artificial water features - like fountains - in your bedroom. The bedroom should have calm, quiet and complacent yin, and water is an active element