Exercise During Pregnancy


You will feel better and be better prepared for labor and delivery if you do the recommended exercises and stay in shape during your pregnancy. The aim of any exercise program during pregnancy should be general fitness and conditioning, not weight loss. Before you proceed with any exercise program talk with your doctor about your goals and your fitness level before pregnancy. You and your doctor can design a personal exercise program that will maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

Here are some exercises that you can do at home :

Head and Shoulder Circles

Slowly moving your head and shoulders in circles can help relieve upper backache and tension in your back, neck and shoulders. Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Inhale and slowly drop your head toward your left shoulder. Exhale. Roll your head slowly, dropping it forward and then over to your right shoulder. Repeat.

Arm Reaches

Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Inhale as you raise your right arm above your head, reaching as high as you comfortably can. Be sure to stretch from you waist, without letting your foot or hip rise. Exhale, bending your elbow and pulling your arm back down to your side. Repeat on your left side. Do three to five repetitions.

Forward Bend

This exercise stretches and relaxes the muscles in your back to help relieve tension and fatigue. Stand with your feet about 12 to 18 inches apart and your knees slightly bent. Exhale and bend forward from the waist, letting your upper body slowly sag forward toward the floor. (As you do this exercise, spread your legs, bend your knees or do both. Don’t try to keep your knees straight.) Inhale and slowly straighten your back, one vertebra at a time, until you’re once again standing up straight. (Don’t try to completely straighten your back or rise too quickly as you might become dizzy.)