Emotionally Charged During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is indeed the most beautiful time of a woman’s life. A time filled with the hope and joy of expectation. Even to those of us who aren’t too fond of little babies, having one can be quite an emotionally charged experience. Put bluntly, it is nature doing its duty, pumping an expectant mother with the ‘love’ hormone. Though meant to allow the young woman to be able to take the changes that her body is undergoing and live with them, these hormones often play havoc with her psyche. In some individuals there is a severe feeling of self-pity (maybe due to the simple reason that you cannot see your feet anymore or your favourite jeans will not zip over your belly anymore), or even because of imaginary problems like ‘my spouse doesn’t love me anymore.’ These kinds of situations can be pretty uncomfortable to handle in the absence of an understanding family and spouse.


With such a low self-esteem, you cannot possibly feel confident and bouncy or chirpy, but the travails are best taken in the stride. The attitude has to be long term – this too shall pass. And pass it does, within a few months. Scientists say, the woman is at her most beautiful when she is carrying her child. Her body is gearing up to make her a mother and however difficult or painful the process may be; nature has a way of making everybody sail through it. The hormones do their bit while the other chemicals pump up the volume of love bytes. An emotionally charged woman will make the most fussy mother and that is what Mother Nature and Father Time have conspired to do – make a woman focus so strongly on her baby that it ensures that life will propagate itself well and the new step towards life, a new baby, will be well looked after.


During the first trimester, chemical gushing around the body bring about a lot of physical changes that manifest themselves in different ways, tenderness and enlargement of breasts, morning sickness, dizziness, taste preferences, backache and many others. Any one woman may face all, some or none of these symptoms. Nothing can be pre decided. Not even your food. At that point of time, you might start finding your favourite cheese or chicken abhorable.


Similarly, no dictates can be followed for lifestyle changes. The medical opinion, combined with solid, good old common sense, says that leading an active life during pregnancy will make the pregnancy itself, the delivery and the rearing of the baby much easier. In addition, the baby, because of better circulation during its formative processes, is a healthier, more active individual. Most people do not seem to understand this and insist on `rest’, making pregnancy sound like an illness. In fact this is the golden rule, a pregnant woman should not be strained and over exerted. But as for sleeping the whole day, it is suicidal, ensuring a tough delivery and a lethargic baby.


This does not translate into a strenuous routine or heavy exercise. In fact exercises should be done only after consulting with the doctor. Most recommend some sort of exercises to keep the limbs supple and back and pelvic muscles flexible. But that again depends on the state of the body and pregnancy.


In a nutshell, your body will go through amazing changes. Some of them might hurt but never the less learn to enjoy it.