Electric Shower or Tank less Water Heater

Which is a better choice for your bath room? An Electric shower or a water heater with out a tank. During winters it is an important factor that you need to use warm water even if you need to wash hands. For showers and bathing one requires a good quantity of water at a proper heated level. One should see the basic necessity that how he/she can get the best supply of warm water with minimum problems.

The tank less water heaters are a way to provide warm water when needed. These are small units that have sensors. These sensors provide warm water when needed. The size of the tank less water heaters vary in sizes from large to small. They can be installed any where inside the house to provide warm water when needed.

Cost of a tank less water heater:
The cost of a tank less water heater varies from $200 to $500. It may not be a too expensive thing and a good supplier as well. As it does not have a storage compound and provides water on demand it reduces the cost in comparison to other heating devices by 10 to 20 percent.
Tank less water heater and families:
Tank less water heaters are a good supplier of water to small families. They may not be able to meet the demand of warm water supply of large families but it can provide warm water simultaneously to a few taps at a time. If a big family wants to use it they should install at least two or three according to their need as one heater cannot meet their warm water demands

The electric shower is a good option. It heats the water as required and one cannot run out of hot water during a shower. It heats the water according to the need of the person using it.  The shower head has an electric device stored in it that heats water according to the demand. Many models of the electric shower come with a device that sets the temperature of the water according to the need and requirement of the user.  The electric shower is hardly available in the US.

Advantages of an electric shower:

it is found more in less developed countries
not too expensive
it is compatible to low water pressure and supply
takes less electricity than an electric water heater
It can also be used where there are water heaters installed. In very cold countries people have to use both the systems to get the right temperature of water for use.
Not at all risky
A buzzing sound indicates the heating procedure

The electric shower is not at all risky; the wires that heat up the water are tied up well in conduit tapes so that they do not touch the water to cause any damage. The sound that comes through the shower shows that the shower and the electric heating system are working well, with no sound and no warm water one can easily guess that there is some thing wrong. Usually the showers have temperature setting systems but this should be set before turning on the water otherwise the whole heating system can be damaged.