Dynamite Denim!


The past year has been witness to a lot of contrasting trends that managed to not only co-exist but also to shine through in all their respective glory. On one hand, there was this sudden surge towards the new pastel shades, while on the other, bright colours continued to rage over the fashion scenario! One of the dominant factors that emerged amongst these was the craze for denim, which took on a completely new dimension!


Classic Denim Look....

No wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of denim jeans. A few years back, the stretch jeans were the rage. The fit working today is the straight cut, which hugs the waist and the hips tightly and then falls down straight. The slender and tall can show off hipsters and bootlegs, along with the bell-bottoms really well.


Sequins, Beads, Embroidery, Zari…The list goes on...

The look that has taken the fashion world by storm is the use of all kinds of surface embellishments on denim. Beads, sequins, different embroidery techniques, tie-and-die, batik or the attachment of an old, bright textile onto denim to 'brighten' up the look - all these have been used to accentuate the look of the moment. The sight of a denim crop top with coloured tassels or fringes, a pair of capri pants with ancient zari border on the hem, or the latest 'in -thing'- a lightweight denim kurta with old Indian embroidery worn with a simple churidar and a pashmina shawl is one that is becoming increasingly popular.

Just add in colour to your plain old denims, and you are set for the night.

Combine it with...

Want to wear your old pair of denims as if it is the hottest new thing to hit the town?


●      Team your jeans with a smart bustier or a sequined top for the party at night. Make sure to check out the right accessories - the perfect party bag, the right pair of stilettos and a gorgeous hairdo!


●      A denim jacket is another 'separate' that is extremely versatile. Team it with track pants, sports shoes and a pole neck and you've got a sporty look. Combine it with a short, sequined dress and voila - you have achieved the sophisticated celeb look!


●      Chop off the hem of your pair of jeans and convert it into a capri or a peddle pusher. Slit the side for a few inches and attach colourful tassels to the hem. You can even use beaded tassels for the extra effect. For the perfect grunge look, wear a colourful top and try out wacky hairstyles.


●      The same pair of capris can be used to give a toned-down, sophisticated look by combining it with a tonal top and colourful scarf.


Denim Accessories....


Those who did not want to get carried away by the denim craze and yet could not resist the temptation to get slightly swayed, took the middle path by using denim accessories.

●      The denim cap has been a classic. Youth everywhere can be seen sporting the same.


●      The latest to hit the market were the denim belts in a new avtar. Like the garments, beads and sequins continued to adorn the belts as well.


●      Wristbands, headbands and bags of denim were suddenly being spotted everywhere.


●      The denim shoes are stylish, elegant and easy to maintain.


So, if you do not want to be left far behind in the game of fashion, dig out your old denims and let your creativity and imagination do the rest! There is no rule, no restriction… so, do as you please…