Dream dictionary


BABY: When you put your whole heart into something, it will appear in your dream as a baby. If the baby is male, then you are involved with something using your head, and if the baby is female it means you used your heart. The death of the baby means whatever you have been involved in during your waking life, has come to an end.


CARDS: Playing cards means your true feelings are at stake. If you win the game it means you will be victorious in the game of relationships. It does not matter if you lose out in real life, your heart and soul will still be steady and guide you to next phase of life.


DAM: If the dam is full of water, it means that all of your physical and mental energies are preserved over a period of time. It also symbolizes the preservation of sexual energies which are kept under control for a long time.


EVIL: Encountering evil in any form means that you have been prevented from going to a higher energy state. If you overcome it, you will be successful on your path towards higher evolution. If you succumb to it you will still be looking into the darkness for help.


FALL: Falling from a high place says that after reaching certain state of spiritual awareness, you have committed a fundamental mistake. If you are not afraid of the fall and find a support while falling, it means you are aware of your mistakes, are trying to overcome it, and to gain back your strength.


GARLAND: If you see yourself wearing a garland, it means that you are going to start a spiritual life and that you have the blessings of divine mother in the process.


HEAT: To feel heat in a dream indicates that your mind is exposed to sexual pleasures.


ICE: To see or feel ice in a dream indicates that your spiritual practice is gaining momentum with every passing day and the divine energy which was stored previously is gaining strength.


JOURNEY: If you go on a journey in your dream, it means your mind has embarked on some new project. Journeying with a ticket means the project will be completed successfully. Journeying with a false ticket means you have been warned not to embark on anything new.


KEY: Finding a key in a dream means you will find a new path in life. If you are moving with bunch of keys, it means that your mind has ability to look at things in many ways and it also suggests that you are always under control and prefer not to take advice from anyone. If you lose a key in a dream, it means that you suddenly lost your way.


LIGHT: Light in a room says that you are doing things that connect yourself to the divine. A light in a bathroom means that you are trying to rid yourself of all impurities with the help of God. A fluctuating light means you are unable to connect properly to the higher source through which you normally receive insights. The more one is involved in divine works, the more strong and steady the light shines.


MONEY: Money can be shown in dreams as currency or coins. Currency stands for physical feelings for someone. Throwing currency notes on someone means you have a lot of feelings for that person. If you dream you have no currency, then the feelings in your heart have dried up.


Coins in a dream stand for world currency. The lesser the denominations of the coins, the more money you will receive in waking life.


NAKED: If you see yourself naked in a dream, it means that your soul is completely exposed to the souls wandering in the vacuum. This happens when all of the divine energy you have stored up is lost in one scandalous act. The aura surrounding you can be invaded by other souls. If you see any person whose lower half is naked, it means that you have a great deal of respect for that person.

OASIS: Finding an oasis in a dream means that you have rediscovered the spiritual path after a long time of wandering away from that path and feeling that you would never rediscover it. To drink water and rest near an oasis says that after many years of involving yourself in sensual pleasures, you have finally found companionship that allows you an opportunity to once again clean your soul and forget yourself. Your soul has left turmoil and found its home after many years.


PEN: if a pen is given to you by a spiritual man, it will bring your creative powers out from deep with in. If the pen is received from a famous celebrity, there is a possibility of loosing that creative force by the interference of sexual desires.


RAIN: If you see yourself getting wet in rain, it means that you have embarked on a new spiritual journey and your prayers for God’s help have been answered. Running in the rain means you have gathered momentum by cleaning yourself of bad influences and are gaining strength with every passing moment.


SAGE: To see a sage in a dream means that your mind is open to deeper things pertaining to God. If you are caught by a sage, it means that you will be no longer concentrate properly on worldly matters, but your mind will be inclined towards deeper spiritual truths.


TALL: If you see a tall person in a dream, it means that you are interacting with the person who guards the next energy level. If you don’t defeat him, you will lose all the power you have gained to this point, and be pushed back into the same energy level which are trying move out of to get out.


UNDERWEAR: Dreams about underwear refer to sexuality; it deals with that biological part of your body. If you are washing underwear, it means you are trying to purify your mind and body from polluted thoughts. Entangled underwear means that your mind is focused on sex, and is unable to detach from this aspect of life.


VACCINATION: Getting a vaccination in a dream means that your subtle body has been given enough strength and power to counter the evil force acting on you.