Dieting...Boon or Bane?


What is dieting?

To most of us dieting is the only resort to losing weight. Dieting is a seasonal phase. Cutting back on foods, we think will make us loose weight is known as dieting. These are stopgap arrangements till one does not knock off kilos on the scale. Ironically, after that we get back to all the foods we craved for, with a vengeance!

This is the way we diet…

Some of us go on liquids only diets, fruits only diets, only raw vegetables diet, no dairy products diets, no cereals, or only cereals diets and so many more other varieties of diets. Incidentally to get that flat stomach we end up with a dead stomach.

After effects of wrong dieting

There is little knowledge, that damages of dieting are irreparable. We may surely achieve our goals of losing weight and in the bargain, would have lost so much more. Our insides undergo traumatic damage, which may at times land us up in the hospital.

Most common after effects of dieting are constipation, diarrhoea, loss of hair, lack of stamina, dehydration, low blood pressure, dizzy spells and so on.

Our digestive system is unable to relate to the foods, which are drastically cut down during the phase and introduced in abundance off phase. This yo-yoing ruins the body's digestive ability.

Think before you diet

If you are able to identify yourself following such a routine, stop now. 'Haste is waste'. In wanting to loose weight fast you may factually be wasting your body. There are other options, which are safer to follow.