Diarrhea in Older Child


What should you do when told an older child should be restricted to clear liquids? Drinks like Gatorade, PowerAde, All Sport are commercially available for older children. Other things that are kept commonly around the house, clear juices and soda-flat- 7-Up, Cola or Sprite. A mix of one of these -half and half with water is a good idea. Weak tea with sugar also helps. Clear broth, Jell-O, water (the liquid not the gel), but don't use red Jell-O, it can make the stools appear as if blood is in them. The ideal is to make your own- mix 5 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 4 cups of water. Remember don't use too much salt. Also freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar and water is very good. Water by itself is not good for children with diarrhea. So use a few of the above mentioned liquids. Give your child as much drink as they need in frequent small amounts.

When diarrhea starts to get better follow a BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). Give these foods to your child recovering from diarrhea before you try any others.

Feed your child small amounts of soft foods such as crackers or cooked potatoes. All of these tips if the diarrhea was caused by an infection. Always wash your hands after using the toilet. Use a paper towel to dry your hands instead of linen. Everyone in the house should wash their hands often. Check your foods carefully and keep them fresh. That's one way to avoid food poisoning.

It takes several days for diarrhea to completely stop. As long as 'improvement'- less in frequency and less in quantity-is noted each day, along with an improved appearance and sense of well-being, continue your regime.


●     Do not give your child very hot or very cold liquids.

●     Do not give your child apple juice. Apple Juice can make diarrhea worse.

●     Do not use Kaopetate, Pepto Bismol or any other over-the-counter medications that contains salicylates if you are under 19 yr. of ages unless your doctor tells to as these medicines contains aspirin which has been linked to Reye's Syndrome, a condition that can cause serious complications and possibly death..

●     Do not give your child dairy products or milk for at least one or two days. Remember breast milk can be given to the child.

●     Don't exercise too hard until diarrhea is totally gone.

●     Don't feed your child high fiber foods, such as raw vegetables recovering from diarrhea illness


●     If you are not sure.

●     If there are signs of dehydration, thirst, muscle cramps, confusion, dizziness, weakness.


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