Decorating Children's Rooms Ideas

Decorating children's room is really a big challenge. They like bright colors and mind stimulating themes. Light and fresh air is very important for growing children. If you have a very little space for your children, but still want to give them a special personal space then you should try the following tips...

●       Adjustment of space is really a challenging task. You should step into the shoes while you began to create a separate room for your kid. Think from their angle. They like bright colors and naughty pictures. Children like cozy atmosphere. Sometimes they play with the sunlight, which enter into their room through the window.

●       If you have a single child, then you can place the bed beside the window. If you have more than two children, and you do not have enough space for separate beds for them, then you should try the bunker bed style. And mind you kids really like this bed.

 ●       Bunk beds are great for slightly older children who will enjoy swarming all over them. Provide sufficient height for both so that neither child will knock its head while sitting. Ensure that enough light and ventilation reaches both beds. Kids like cozy spaces so placing one side of the bed against a wall is advisable. This also frees up space for playing in the canter of the room. The ladder up to the top bunk should be very stable and the safety rail secure.

 ●       If you have tiny tots then you should be careful about the flooring also. Avoid carpets in their rooms. They accumulate dust so much and so quick. Even cleaning them is also a tough job. Go for linoleum and laminated floors. Choose bright or dark colors. Do not put too much furniture in your kid's room.

 ●       The furniture should match the needs of a growing child. They should be multifunctional. Study chests of drawers, bookshelves are a necessity for children. You should always avoid rough and pointed edged furniture.

 ●       A little writing table and a wardrobe with plenty drawers will do for your kid. Children need many racks to put their precious things. For decorating your older kids (i.e. below 12) choose hardy surfaces that will allow your child to play without causing you worry. Pick callers that don’t show wear and tear easily but that the child will enjoy.

 ●       Stimulate the child by using lively colors in his room – bright colors can be used but in limited areas so as not to make the room disturbing. If there are two children, pick a caller for each of them so they can personalize the space. Cover a wall with soft board and let them pin artwork or posters.

 ●       For lighting always use eco-friendly bulbs, which will have soft light and they have less Ultra Violet rays. Use spot lights in his room, if your child is a budding painter. Hang his creations on the pinup board, which is equipped with spot lights. He will be very proud with this encouragement.