Cycling is perhaps one of the healthiest hobbies to have. I mean it makes sense to have a hobby that is entertaining as well as healthy, doesn’t it? Nothing really feels better than to have the wind in your hair, clean air in your lungs and a receptive cycle in your hands. Its true, after a long bike ride, you can’t help but feel like getting on again and pedaling till you drop. And if you are really serious about cycling, there are lots of cycling races and programs for serious bikers all around the place.

You really don’t need anything for this hobby. All you need is a bike, legs and the love! If you’re in a city, the best time to go out with your bike is early in the morning when there are hardly any vehicles on the road. A good bike ride would be for about an hour at a relatively good pace. It’s a really good workout!

Rohit Sinha has been cycling since he was 7 years old and it was something that he found he just couldn’t give up! He remembers when he used to go out every morning before school and cycle on Worli Seaface. The sea air and the wind in his face were so amazingly refreshing that he used to actually look forward to going to school after that!
Since then he has been cycling every day and has even represented his college in it.

Getting Started


  • Buy a bike! You can start on a mountain bike which normally gives you a better sense of balance when you are just starting out. Its also heavier, therefore once you have mastered it you can ride practically any bike.


  • Upgrade your bike. When you are fairly settled, you can either move onto a geared mountain bike or a racing style bike. These are much more fun and much more satisfying.


  • Set a definite time for your rides and extend it every week. That way you will gradually increase your stamina.




  • It is important to constantly clean and oil your bike in all its moving parts like the pedals, the gears, the brakes etc.


  • Its more fun cycling in a group. Find some like-minded people and go out at the same time. Lets face it, its much more fun when you are competing with somebody!

Happy Cycling!