A Cure for Acne

So the teen in you is raring to become ‘you’, the individual. Soon you realize that with being an individual entity comes your very own set of individual problems. Of these, acne seems to be the most troublesome. Mainly because it is the most apparent and of course most embarrassing. Although I never experienced this, I now know the feeling via my eighteen year old.

I wonder if the parents suffer more than the child. Seeing the child having to go through beginning years of socializing with a very unsocial look, believe me, is not what gives a mother joy.

You will want to believe each everyone who will suggest to you a miracle cure for the bane that is acne. Hoping for that miraculous day when the pimples don’t plague you anymore. Some get lucky whilst others simply have to wait their time out.

Ironically enough, I am not telling you what to and what not to eat. In spite of being a nutritionist I will tell you that rarely is acne simply a food related problem. More often it is the way you look at life. Often the problem arises from not accepting the self. A kind of dislike for the self as he or she presently is.

Let go of this dislike and see how the face begins to clear. Easier said than done you say. Yes, learning to accept life as it is, rather than as it should be is not easy. You will then be able to see yourself in a lighter light too.

There is a beautiful quote I once read: angles can fly because they take themselves lightly.

So loosen up. Remember you have the rest of your life to get serious, if you have to that is! Now don’t be disappointed because the simple natural physical solutions will be given during our next encounter. In the meanwhile try working on the above and see the magic.