Corner bathtubs with jets


Corner bathtubs with jets give the bathroom a very elegant look. Usually these kinds of bath tubs are used in large bathrooms which are a part of big houses. They take up quite a lot of space and so they look unfit in small bathrooms.

Normally the corner bathtubs with jets are a part of spas and saunas. All those people who cannot afford to make use of this luxury at home can enjoy themselves at massage saloons that have aroma therapy with all kinds of excessive oils.

Corner bathtubs can easily provide room for two people to bathe even in a compact area. They are a must in honey moon suites in five start hotels.

Bath tubs are available in many different styles:

The two person bath tub is available in two lengths: 52-59, 60-62 and 32-40, 40-48.

It has 6 jet whirl pool to 22 jet whirlpool soaking system. The tub has the heated soaker system and a combination of air bath. Along with it, it is extra deep.

The alcove is like its name and is available in 48” and 59” air bath styles. It has a 6 jet whirlpool bath to a 12 jet whirl pool bath. It has a combination of jets and air and has a heated soaking bathtub.

This kind of bath tubs offer shower doors along with the tub system. The shower doors make it easy for a quick shower where as the sunken baths are usually used when having a free time to relax in the water.

  • Cast Iron:
    the cast iron reminds you of the Victorian era. These bath tubs are not fitted inside the floor but have supporting legs at the bottom for a good balance. They are available in 55” of length.
  •  Corner:
    The corner whirlpools are really good for sauna baths and have a good 6 jet to 15 jet whirl pool. They have a skirt and are best for saloon spa.
  •  Free Standing:

These kinds are available in different shapes. They are round, bowl shaped, Victoria styled, etc. they are a corner bath with an integral front skirt. They are available in 11 jet whirlpool bath. They are extra deep for free standing which are good for those who want to relax while bathing.

·          Oval:
The Neptune TAO 3260 is an oval shaped corner bath tub which looks equally elegant and different in the bath room. It is extra deep and is a whirl pool bath.

·         Under mount:

The under mount corner bath tubs with jets are very beautiful. They add an extra grace to the bathroom. They are flat decked tubs specially designed for under mount installation. This kind of bath tub is mounted under the material which makes the rim of the tub invisible. They are available in four different sizes and several different shapes. They are available in 6 jet whirl pool bath to 15 jet whirl pool bath.  They also have a heated soaking bath system