Different kind of corner bathroom vanities


Corner bath room vanities are some thing that looks beautiful. One thing that is important to know is that although corner bathroom vanities are a good sight but they are actually a way to manage a small bath room. Corner vanities are usually made when the shape of the bath room is odd. To fit in a small space or some other issues the small vanities are set up in the corners.

Usually when designing a bathroom the sinks are placed in the corner. Glass bound sinks can be easily fit in the corners. Corner bathroom vanities are available in different sizes and styles. The different types of corner bathroom vanities are:

Ø  two door bath room vanities

Such kind of corner vanities is made up of wood usually. It can also be made up of ceramic, concrete, etc. They have a space cut out on their top board according to the size of the sink to fit it. A loose pipe can pass through it as the drainage pipe. Two shelves or one shelf according to the desire with two doors like a cupboard can be made under it with the addition of beautiful handles.

Ø  wooden vanity

A wooden vanity is much like a small cabinet that can be used just to cover the drainage pipe of the sink or as a small cabinet as well. It can be made according to ones own taste and design.

Ø  traditional sink

The traditional sink type corner bathroom vanity is that which is made up of concrete or ceramic or even porcelain. They are usually not in one single piece but divided into two pieces.


Ø  stylish modern vanity

The stylish modern vanity in the bathroom corner can also be made up of steel. The steel cabinet is such that it is made to fit the corner. It looks like a complete square or rectangle shaped from the front but the inside is actually a triangle in shape.


Ø  antique vanity

The antique style of the corner bathroom vanity is mostly the carved sort of thing. The carving can be in porcelain, steel, aluminum or any other material. It has its own grace and looks beautiful even these days.



There are two basic types of vanities:


  • cabinet base

You require cabinets under your sink rather a cabinet based corner bath room vanity if you want space to place a few things belonging to you. There are several designs in a cabinet based vanity. You can get small several cabinets, a single cabinet, a double door, etc.      your bath room would give a heavy look with a full corner vanity in it but it would hold quite a few of your important things.


  • pedestal style

To keep your bath room neat and giving it a much lighter look you can get your self a pedestal style of a corner bathroom vanity. It would just be a neat little rod at the base for the water drain. It looks very nice if a glass vanity corner sink is fixed with it.