Concrete Siding



Concrete siding is usually known as the fiber cement siding. It has a wide variety that goes from stucco to stone and can be done as required to the owner. The concrete siding may be a bit high on your budget. It requires the lowest costs on maintenance and does not rust or rot. On the other hand it is termite proof as well. Almost about 15% of the latest built homes are done in concrete siding as it looks good and is cheaper in maintenance and material.

What is concrete or fiber cement siding?

 The fiber cement siding is made up of sand, cement and cellulose fiber. The fiber added to the sand and cement provides the power to the sand and cement which help in preventing the cracks to come in the finishing.


  • it is long lasting and durable
  • One does not need any other fire resistant as it is fire proof unlike wooden panels.
  • A traditional wood grain look comes up.
  • It does not fade
  • It does not deform
  • It does not cave in
  • It cannot rot
  • Pests and insects or birds cannot destroy it.
  • It can last as long as up to fifty years.
  • It is moisture resistant.
  • Paint applied to fiber lasts longer than when it is applied on wood.


  • It is heavy.
  • While getting it done it makes the area very dirty and dusty.
  • It is expensive in comparison with vinyl or any other material due to its durability.
  • It is not a fast job


The costs are quite high in comparison to the other floorings. Its maintenance is less and it costs about 75% more than wood siding, similarly slightly more than any other siding. On the whole it costs 24% less than the other flooring when added with the maintenance and all.

Homes made up of concrete siding have been the most common since for as long as the world history. Houses made of wood are not that durable and do not last too long. Concrete siding looks beautiful; one does not need to worry about all the problems that the wooden siding requires. No pest control sprays need to be done. It does not require any kind of paint after almost every rainy season. If taken care of the siding by power cleaning and all it usually requires a repaint about every year seven years or so.

Rest aside cement siding is the best. It may look old but many new styles have come up that give cement siding the most beautiful and modern look. Wooden siding may look beautiful but it requires a lot of maintenance comparatively. The paint done on wooden siding cannot sustain too much rain water and looses its original color and style within a few days of severe weather. Wooden siding is a good option where the weather the remains normal and cool. Severe and harsh weather, especially the Asian countries cannot afford to use wooden siding because of the severe heat that wood penetrate inside the house as well and the wood would not be able to sustain the high temperature.