Cement Board Siding


Cement Board Siding

Cement board siding is a mixture of cement, sand and cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber is added in the mixture of sand and cement to give it an extra strength that would make the siding stronger. Cracks can be avoided due to this material. The cement board siding are available in the size of 2 by 4 feet and has a thickness between ½” to ¾”. Cement board siding are available in half done and completely done styles. The half done styles are done with all the wooden and grain paneling on the under side and just the paint needs to be applied. Where as the fully done is painted and finished all done at the factory and just needs to be fitted accordingly. Three companies are on the top of list in doing the cement board siding:

Certain Teed:

Certain Teed is a company that is working in Pennsylvania. It is a partner with the French Saint Gobain group of industries and is the leader in the cement board siding.  They produce boards like wood siding in horizontal and vertical forms. It provides

Siding in four different forms:

  • Basic form

The basic form is the complete raw material that needs to be done completely from cutting, attaching, painting and finishing. It requires a lot of hard work and time but all those who are perfectionists and do not believe in the pre finished work done at the factory can get it done in front of them according to their own will.

  • Ready to paint form

The ready to paint form are siding boards that are cut out at the factory and just need to be installed and painted.

  • Pre finished form

The pre finished form has the variety of sixteen colors in it. The color variety goes in from white to sand and as dark as dark brown.

  • Stain finish form

The stain finish form is available in six different stain colors for the cement board siding. The certain teed websites can provide a good look at all the things they are providing.

James Hardie:

James Hardie Company is based in California. They provide cement board siding that is done in texture simulating wood grain. Their siding can be done in horizontal, vertical or shingles according to the wish of the owner. Their products are treated at the factory with sealer and primer to make the siding stronger. It is available in 26 colors in Color Finish and is available in the eight different climatic zones of the US accordingly.

Maxi tile

The maxi tile is the leading cement product provider working in California. It also provides cement siding.  It has been producing the cement siding since 1986. it is related to the Mexa lit group which has been working with the cement related products for the past 75 years. It produces the following products:

  • Maxi Panel
  • Maxi Plank
  • Maxi shingle
  • Maxisoffit
  • Maxi trim
  • Multi Shake

Other companies are also functioning and one can easily choose between these for the cement board siding of their house according to their own wish and style.