Care for your Hair


A good hair cut can't compensate for hair that is already in a bad condition. But a good style can make healthy hair look even better. The general complaint among most girls is that their hair never looks the way they want it to.

Choosing a good Hair Stylist is very important - But still more important is to communicate what you want with your hair.

A lot may beauticians tend to play God. Ordaining what look is best for a client they have never seen before, and this approach seldom works.

Choosing a Style hinges on the following factors:

  •  Lifestyle
  •  Hair type
  •  Age
  •  Personality
  •  Career.

Always remember - Your hairstyle, like clothing, is a personality statement.

With the advent of new styles, colors, Chemical Perms, Weaves treatments, Setting Gels etc, Hair often goes thru a long journey of Trial and errors, abuse and care.

You will be introduced to new Hair colors or Chemical treatments to give you a new "Killer look". Very few will actually tell you the care that you need to take after you take such treatments or the after effects of such styles.

Insist on knowing what damage styles could do to your hair as well as your pocket.


  •  Avoid excessively tight ponytails. Will lead to a broader forehead and eventually, baldness.
  •  Too much exposure to the sun, wind or swimming pool chemicals will dry out your hair causing it to knot.
  •  Go slow on the hair dryers; they are the main cause of breakage. Hold the dryer away at a reasonable distance from the scalp and hair.
  •  Never use a drier to dry wet hair. Natural hair drying will help you Maintain the moisture on the scalp.
  •  Hair coloring is in - but go slow on color changes. After all it is a chemical process in spite of professional handling persistent bleaching eventually damages the healthy n strong hair shafts: but it does not injure the roots from which future hair growth takes place.
  •  Permanent waving is safe for healthy hair, but you may find that it results in increased dryness splitting.