Bermis Toilet Seats Color Chart


Have you found a company that offers 94 special colors of toilet seat? If you do, surely you will be dying to share them as manifestation of your happiness and admiration. Just like finding a vintage-color toilet seats is not that easy or comfortable as one would think.

The company that offers and performs this wonderful service to all Americans is Bemis Inc. from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. You can have an elongated or round-bowl with perfect toilet seat in any color of your choice using Bermis toilet seats color chart.

All you need to do is to establish your valuable choice from 94 colors in actual shop or online store for a beautiful new color matched toilet seat for you’re over the toilet and bathroom commode. 

Just know the correct size and colored toilet seat you are in need or targeting for the beautification of your restroom. After this let the actual or online store manager guide you in shopping at home for a good-looking, new, finest quality of toilet seat using the Bermis toilet seats color chart that has matching system - a new, fast, trouble-free, low cost solution for replacement of your over the toilet and bathroom or powder room toilet seats. It is a time experienced and established method developed and fulfilled by no other than but Bermis, the chief manufacturers of toilet seats in the whole world.

Below is the sample of color presentation of Bermis Toilet Seats Color Chart for your guide. You can opt from 94 different colors including white and black shades for your toilet seats!


The Bermis toilet seats color chart is a perfect guide for you to get a colorful toilet seat as a gift to your favorite occupants regardless if they are in a new dwelling place, old home, and apartment house or dorm room! Giving the gift of it gives the beneficiary a very fastidious importance and would usher them to appreciate your hospitality and sweet displayed camaraderie. For extra discounts for more than one colored toilet seat with free shipping, you can likewise avail.

Bemis Manufacturing Company is the largest maker of toilet seats in the United States of America. It constructs seats for all in-style American brand names such as Kohler toilets, American Standard toilets, Eljer toilets, Gerber toilets, Crane toilets, Peerless toilets, Western Pottery and the like. In addition to these facts, Bermis also advertises toilet seats that they produce under the diversity of other brand names like Mayfair Toilet Seats.

Bemis toilet seat color chart is a great solution for selecting toilet seats. Bemis proposes a wide spread colors, shapes, and sizes regularly found in most homes all the way through North America. Just think of it!

Although Bemis toilet seats color chart fits most Eljer and American Standard toilets, it is not a key for some special sizes and shapes like the "Square Front" style fashioned by ELJER, and a few definite American Standard toilets and a number of other different models and designs by a few other companies.