Beds - For sweet dreams



Manjis in rural areas and wooden beds in urban centres (priced between Rs 5,000 and Rs 32,000 in finishes like walnut, beech, maple, vengi and cherry) have traditionally defined bedroom furniture. However, the trend is veering towards slick and chic metal and water beds. Deep lustrous finishes with hand painted patina in some designs, compliment heavy antique brass detailing. "Wrought iron, brass and English cast beds with or without storage space have a definite edge in the market today"

Metal beds also accentuate space in flats as they are not cumbersome and heavy, look chic and visually take in less space, giving the bedroom a mimimalistic look.

Available in the range of Rs 9,000 and Rs 50,000 in sizes like 3ft, 4ft and 6 inches, 5ft and 6ft, metal beds come in various finishes like glossy silver, vintage silver, textured black, chromium, antique brass and gold. Beds for children are available for prices between Rs 6,500 and Rs 14,000. Also available are 24 k gold plated beds.

Maintenance of wrought iron and brass beds is almost nil and they are extremely easy to transport since they can be totally dismantled.


Earlier the market was dominated by foam and cotton mattresses, while today the choice has shifted to coir, spring, natural rubber and PU foam products depending upon body shape and weight.

If cotton mattresses are popular in rural India, people in urban areas usually go in for spring mattresses.

While coir mattresses come in the range of Rs 2,800 to Rs 6,000 a pair, rubber ones cost between Rs 9,000 and Rs 22,000 a pair. The exotic water beds come at Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000 each.

For those suffering from backaches, spondylitis and lumbago, a new range of therapeutic and orthopedic magnetic mattresses (Rs 27,000 a piece) are available.These magnetic mattresses are made of foam, coir and magnets with a grid of nub-like protrusions and are very firm.  This structure stimulates vital energy centers and promotes better circulation and lymphatic flow while sleeping and is very effective in curing the back ailments.