Types of Bathtubs with Jets


The popularity is being attained by the jetted bathtubs with the passage of tie. Every one wants to be relaxed I a jetted bathtubs after the tiresome of the whole day. This specific tub also massage you and gets you out of any aches and pains which you gained all the day while. These tubs are big in size than the traditional bath tubs. The jetted bathtubs are a great looking addition to any bathroom. There are couples of types of jetted bathtubs and before going to make final purchase, you should decide which type best suits your requirements. Two types of jetted bathtubs are now-a-days very common which are being used by everyone. Both the tubs are same in functions but still there are many pros and cons in both of them. Both jetted bathtubs create a massaging feeling as the water is moved in the tub. Let us have a look at the types which are really imperative for you to consult before making final purchase.

Water Jets:

In this sort of jets, the water is forced through the jets to go into the bath so that it may create massaging effect for you. The bathtubs with water jets give stronger massage than the tubs which have air jets in them. The water in the tub for bathing is recirculated with the assistance of these jets and it also keeps the water a bit warmer. The bathtubs with jets are good in using water but in this tub, you cannot use bubble bath, bath salts and bath oil as they have water jets. The tubs also require some cleaning process. Although the most of these tubs come with the auto cleaning system yet you should check the functions when you are making your decision for making purchase.

Air Jets:

The second most valuable form of the jets is Air Jets. The air is pushed by these jets rather than water and it causes a gentle massaging feeling. This jetted bathtub allows you to use bath salts and bath bubbles in it. The jets are in larger number in this type of the bathtubs than the water jets for pushing air into the tub. The only annoying thing is that the air which is pushed can make the water of the tub cold faster. Moreover, the air jets also do not affect your health as increased circulation of the water jets and higher level of jets in water jets make them good to air jets.

The Price Range:

You can have great relaxing and feeling bath from these jets. Both of the types have some specific preferences and features. You should select one which is alluring for your eyes. The price ranges from $1500 to $10,000. So, there is a huge variety of the jetted bathtubs which you should buy but with some good features. A huge variety of sizes, types and models is there to choose from. Be careful in selection for your bathtubs for making your bathroom good-looking.