Bathtub liners: advantages and disadvantages


Bathtub liners are sheets of acrylic or plastic which are molded according to the bathtub’s shape and glued onto them. These sheets vary in length and shape with the shape and size of the bathtub that has to be lined. They give you the option of investing less instead of changing the whole bathtub. They offer a more feasible option when one wants to refurbish. Usually acrylic sheets are used as they are more durable. Almost in all countries, local hardware stores sell these sheets and offer installation services too.

Bathtub liners have some advantages and disadvantages:

Bathtub Liner Problems:

*They are very expensive.

*It can take more than a day to line a bathtub thus, making it a bit of a hassle.

*You require a proper trained plumber to do this task otherwise the installation can go wrong and you might have to invest more money to correct the mistakes.

*Bathtub liners can develop leaks and holes which can lead to mildew and become another problem when it comes to cleaning.

*If you want to replace them it can be a difficult job because they have to be cut in order to do so.

*These sheets can crack easily thus, becoming much problem as with the original tub.

*You have a limited choice of colors with bathtub liners especially plastic bathtub liners.

Bathtub liner advantages:

*They are easier to clean.

*You can give your bathroom a new look without removing the tub and place a new one altogether.

*Bathtub liners usually do not fade or stain, so these require less hard work while cleaning and giving a new look to the tub.

*They are cheaper than buying a new tub.

*They are durable and give the same look as that of a new tub.

*They retain heat so a warm bath is more relaxing when one can enjoy hot water longer and it does not start to get cold in a little while.

*Bathtub liners can be chosen online on websites and later on can be purchased from shops.

*They give you a good option to give a modern look to your bathroom. Custom made bathroom liners match and fit your bathtubs better.


They provide a quick fix when bathtubs are badly stained or scratched. Acrylic sheets are preferred by everyone as they are durable, easy to clean and maintain and offer a wide choice of attraction.  Plastic sheets offer limited colors. A properly trained plumber should be hired so that the installation is done well and has minimal chances of going wrong. They can even give you expert advice on whether revamping is a better idea or one should opt for a new bathtub. The elegant look that your bathroom gets with them is different from the normal showers or any other bathing system. This kind of a bathroom is closer to the Victorian style of bathroom.

Although bathtub liners give you an option to modernize your bathroom but they are still a temporary way. They are a used by many people all around the world to give their old bath tubs a new look.