Creative Bathroom Towel Bars Solutions


Creative bathroom towel bars solutions are being given by various people. You can freely buy plenty which give you exactly what you need. You will have exact sizes, abundant storage in minimal space, beautiful finishes and stylish but economical objects choices. If you are looking for a creative solution of towel bars, you should look below before going anywhere else and the following solutions can be used for your own inspiration as great solutions.

The Usage of Lumber:

You should visit a store or lumber supplier for a wooden dowel which you can stain to contrast and match your cabinetry. You should be careful for covering it with a coat of polyurethane to protect your towels by protecting the surface. You can also use finished lumber like spindles for staircases which can be hung on the wall. You can also add some hooks to a newel post which are used for a custom look for a traditional bathroom. There is a huge variety to choose from when you go to lumber supplier but you will never know what you are going to find. Find a piece of driftwood or a branch to attach it to the wall for a cabin in the seaside retreat or mountains. The casual look is provided which tends to bring the outdoors in.

A drapery Rod and Bathroom Towel Bar in a Nautical Themed Bath:

A drapery rod is enough to produce multiple bathroom towel space. A drapery rod that spans the width a long wall can give you same amount of hanging space as you can have for multiple bathroom towel bars. On the other hand, you should not hang towel bar in a nautical themed pool bath. Rather than doing this, you should visit a boating supply store and you should cleat in a bright brass. You can use them for hanging the pool towels to dry while bathing. You can also hang an old oar for having a long space for oversized towels to dry. The installation of nautical rope like a clothesline from wall to wall can be enough for clipping on some clothespins. You can dry your towel on this line easily.

Huawaiian Theme or Industrial Look:

If you are using a Huwaiian or tropical theme, you should install a length of bamboo instead of traditional bathroom towel bar. This will be handy work for you to do. You should also run a length of heavy gauge cable for having an industrial feel and look. For having a warm and twist look on this format, you should visit the nearest plumbing store to purchase a piece of copper pipe.

All the above mentioned solutions can be handy for bathroom towel bars and you can use the above solutions easily as they are home made and cause you to spend no extra money. You can avail them at home from the nearest store and the items required for these solutions are available at either the lumber store or at plumbing supplying store. You can buy every thing there for each solution easily.