Bathroom Lighting Design – Making the Best Lighting Choices

Bathroom interior and fittings now a day are one above the other. The more expensive thing you fit in your bath room the more your bath room would look nice. But to show that your bathroom fittings are awesome and the tiling that you have done shines like a diamond you need to put up good lights in your bath room.

These days the bath rooms have dressing rooms attached which require good lighting. Similarly the requirement of separate dressers or dressing tables have been long lost as the sink counter tops and large mirrors play a better role in getting a person ready, keeping the bedrooms lighter and accommodating all kinds of cosmetics and other items on its top.

Here are the kinds of lights that are a necessity for your bath room:

lights to illuminate the bath room

The normal casual lights that is important to illuminate the bath room. You require at least one light in your bath room if it is small in size. If the size of the bath room is about 4” by 6” feet you can manage to illuminate the whole place with one light in the center of the ceiling. If your bath room is of 8” by 10” feet or more then you require at least two lights in the ceiling and if the bath room is even bigger than this then lighting according to the area should be installed in the ceiling.

lights in the shower area

With sunken tubs and Jacuzzis you need to have lights on the side walls of the shower. The light can even be just above the shower. But the lights should be at a good height that they do not get sprayed with water which can damage them. In closet showers lights in the ceiling are considered as an important thing.

Track lights

Track lights are a new tradition. You can place track lights in the flooring or with the walls. They look elegant as well as beautiful and stylish. This kind of lighting comes in from early seventies but at present it makes the bath room look stylish.

lights above the mirror and sink

Beautiful spot lights can also be placed above the mirror. These lights help in doing make up and applying other things on the face. Such kind of lighting gives the effect of beauty saloons which make things easier and more glamorous for the person who owns the washroom. Lights near the sink are usually present. According to the latest tradition a small hood like thing is made in the ceiling above the sink which makes the lights closer to the sink.

lights in the closets

These days dressing rooms are a part of washrooms and to make them look nice lighting is essential. Beautiful spot lights are set up in the ceiling and the base of the closets. The doors of the closets are made up of fiber glass which gives a very nice effect.

Lights of different styles and qualities are present in the market according to the style and accessories of the bath room.