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Don't Overlook Storage

Framed with moldings that match the door, this built-in unit was carved from space often overlooked in baths: The area between the end of the tub and the wall.

Fast Lane Bath

Decorate a teenager's private bathroom in a theme that suits his or her interests. Here, a boy's interest in cars drives the bath design. The wallpaper is patterned in mini automobiles while framed advertisements support the theme. For a playful, unexpected touch, hubcaps adorn the walls.

Pedestal Plus

A main drawback to pedestal sinks is their lack of countertop space. Well, not any more. By choosing a console sink, like this one, you can have the advantages of an pedestal-style sink along with space to set handy grooming items, such as soap, washcloths, and shaving necessities.

Don't Just Decorate

Don't just decorate a room, design an experience! This revamped cabana-style bath is a case in point. With a replumbed old tub and an artful paint job, the tiny bathroom was transformed into a room to remember. Large stripes on the wall make the room seem bigger than its actual dimensions.

Splash Style on a Small Bath

By covering windows with lace, your small bathroom will whisper with sunlight in the early morning, transferring filigree patterns of light to the walls. When it comes to storage, be creative. Here, a bench provides a place to stack towels and colorful hat boxes hold essential items.

Create Storage

Look to underutilized areas for storage space in a small bathroom. Here, for example, a built in slot under the tub holds sponges, soaps, and cleaning equipment.

Choose Low Maintenance Materials

Contemporary in style, this bath features sleek materials chosen for their ease of maintenance. Ceramic tile covers the floor while solid surface material covers the countertop. Sinks and drawer hardware are stainless steel. Glass block lets light pass through while obstructing the view.

Finding Slim Storage

When looking for bathroom storage spaces, look to unused wall space. Here, an extra stud cavity near the low-flush toilet yielded handy parking space for magazines and a cordless phone. The front and middle panels of the magazine rack slide out for easy cleaning, and the glass shelf mounts at several different heights.