Bathroom flooring/tile designs


Bathrooms are an important part of ones life. Earlier bathrooms were not given much importance and they were used as latrines only. With passage of time they gained importance and now day’s homes have beautiful rooms with attached bathrooms that are neat and clean. When the sketches for a new home design are made by architects bathrooms are given their required space. Bathrooms are adorned with the best kind of equipment. The first and foremost thing that is required is the flooring of the bath rooms.

You need to keep a few things in mind when selecting tiles for the bathroom flooring:

the color
the pattern
the material
the size
the number of tiles required
the budget

All these things are very important when choosing the right kind of tiles for your bathroom floors. You should also make sure that the color and material is such that it looks beautiful and is as non-slippery as possible.

There are many kind of flooring for the bathroom:

tile flooring
marble flooring
vinyl flooring
hard wood flooring

Among all these the best option is tile flooring because they are more easily cleanable and less slippery.

The tile flooring includes:

1.ceramic bathroom tile
If you want to make your bathroom in a stylish but economical way then the ceramic tile is the best option.

2.white bathroom tile
White has always been elegant. The material does not matter much if you want it to be white.

3.bathroom glass tile
Glass tiles are the easiest to maintain. With popularity they are becoming more affordable.
4.    mosaic bathroom tile
Mosaic has been common and it looks beautiful but it is not usually used on the floors. These are just on the sides maybe like skirting.
5.marble bathroom tile
A marble bathroom tile is usually big in size and shape and very slippery too. This looks beautiful because of its shine but to avoid accidents small rugs can be placed in the washrooms to avoid accidents.

6.porcelain bathroom tile
Porcelain bathroom tile is the most durable tile. They are hard to break, easy to clean and not too expensive as well.