How to Choose the Right Faucets

Faucets add beauty to the look of your bath room. No one wants the faucets to be rusty or broken while the rest of the bath room shines because of new things. The faucets are some things that need to be chosen keeping a few things in mind:

faucets are expensive
Faucets are expensive stuff. One cannot expect the faucets to be expensive as compared with the tiles. The tiles are breakable material and can be replaced while faucets are made up of metal and metal has since ever been more expensive than any other stuff.

Faucets shouldn’t get rusty
The metal of the faucets is such that they do not get rusty in spite of the fact that they are water suppliers. The outer and inner layers of the taps are lined with a metal coating that they shine and look beautiful. If the coating gets off the silver beneath is may be not shiny but it doesn’t get rusted. If your faucets get rusted in a few years it means that you have not made a good choice.

different colors of faucets
Earlier faucets of silver and gold were the only options. A time came when faucets matching the color of the bath room accessories were introduced and during the end of the past century they were much in fashion. Taps with a small diamond like center have also been used. The center that shines like diamond was actually a piece of heavy plastic or glass that looked nice and shiny on the tap head. Now days faucets of heavy silver are back in fashion, but simplicity is the key. Back in the 18th century very beautiful carved faucets were also in common. One should keep in mind about bathroom fixtures and see if silver would look elegant or the same color faucets would give more grace to their washroom while deciding on the style and color of the faucets.

compatibility of faucets
The faucets should be well matched with the accessories and they should look nice in the bath room. You should see to the fact that what kind of a faucet would suit your sink shape and size. Faucets with a curve or straight tap are comparatively a better choice for bath rooms. The curve can be from ¼ inches to a 1 inch. They should also be compatible to the sink or the sunken tub where ever placed. The correct number and size of the holes and the right spacing between them matters a lot.

durability of faucets
Faucets tend to be durable. Usually the faucets are made up of silver and are PVD or Chrome coated. Silver taps are supposed to be germ resistant as well.

size and style of faucets
The faucets should have an aesthetic design and look.
You can choose between Pull down sprayers    OR   the spout style.
the sizes vary according to the size of your sink
Ceramic disc valves are another choice that is considered to be durable.

Faucets are important and they should be chosen after taking a good look at the variety available at the bath room fitting shops.