Cleaning of Eyes, Nose and Ears:

 ●     Make sure that no soapy water gets into your baby’s eyes.    

●     Clean the eyelids of his closed eyes gently, starting from the inner side close to the nose and moving outwards towards the ears.   

●     Surma or kajal applied to a child’s eyes, are said to make her eyes prettier and bigger. That’s not true at all. In fact, the use of unhygienically made preparation may cause infection in his eyes. Besides, some surma powders have a high content of lead that can cause lead poisoning in the baby.    

●     You need not worry unduly about the cleanliness of the inner portions of your baby’s nose and ears. They have been naturally provided with self-cleansing and self-protective mechanisms. In your enthusiasm to clean the wax out of your baby’s ears you may actually infect or damage his eardrum. Wax in the ear is a natural protective secretion of the skin lining the canal of the outer ear. Some babies produce wax more than others but this is normal and you should leave it alone.  

●     However, you should gently clean the accessible portion of the outer ear with clean, moistened cotton or soft cloth and dry it. Do not use buds.





The normal mild secretion and special cells in the inner lining of the baby’s nose keep the inside of the nose clean and reasonably moist. They also prevent the passage of foreign matter and bacteria. Do not insert any cotton buds or wisps of cloth high up in the nose against nature’s own protective mechanism.