Bamboo Window Blinds


Basic information about Bamboo Window Blinds

Bamboo window blinds are in practice from thousands of years. These blinds use the natural material and are famous for their natural beauty and real color. Fine sticks of bamboo are used for making the outdoor shades. These outdoor shades are essential during the day time because they protect from the harmful rays of sun, especially for your windows and patio.

These bamboo blinds not only give you the high degree of privacy but give a new decorative looks to your room. These are the thick but very light weight window covering. Bamboo Window Blinds are of three different types; these are matchstick blinds, grasses and bamboo wooden blinds. It you want to control more light to enter in your room, you can line your bamboo blind with a cloth on the back side.   

How to make bamboo window blind: It is an art to weave a bamboo window blind. These blinds are made up of different size of bamboo sticks or straws with the help of thread or rope of different color. First of all these canes of bamboo were shaped then dried, select the equally thick canes and braided with the help of rope. They are weaved in diverse styles and patterns.  

Size of bamboo window blind: These are available in the market in any size; it can solve the major problem to find the shade or blind for the window that is according to the size of your window. Its size starts from the 40 cm wide and if you want to buy a wider one then you can selects 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm or more wide bamboo window blinds. The drop size can be available in every length that covers the window without creating any problem.   

Beatify the bamboo window blind: After the manufacturing of these blinds; different colors are used to enhance the beauty of these canes. Different attractive patterns are painted on them, some patches of fiber or pasted to give attractive look. Pieces of glass, crystals and some beads are also sticked on the blind to make it beautiful. 

Selection of blinds: It is the most important thing in your way to cover the window. Select a design that you think suits to your room setting. Select a simple one or that has different patterns on them according to your requirement. Select the size and style that fits the best for your window. Last and most important thing is to select a durable bamboo window blind.

Embarrassing circumstances with bamboo blind: If you are going to use a Roman bamboo shade that fold up the in ‘roman’ style; a new point of concern is that children put their head in the cords which are situated at the back of the shade. Normally these cords are 12 to 13″ apart, which is more than enough for a child to put his head in the cord. It is a great risk and creating an embarrassing situation for us. To avoid such a situation you must talk to the dealer to give the right one that have minimum distance between the cords.