Preparing for Baby's Arrival - Transportation and Feeding Chairs




Look for strollers with the JPMA certification seal. You will need to decide on a lightweight stroller for easier maneuvering or a larger stroller for a smoother ride. Features to look for: comfortable handle height, storage basket, reclining seat, easy to fasten restraining straps. Take the models you like best for a test drive around the store.

Car Seats

Your baby should be restrained in a car seat every time he rides in a vehicle. When installed and used correctly, car seats prevent death and serious injury 70 percent of the time and minor injuries half of the time. There are three different types of car seats available: the infant seat, the convertible seat and the toddler seat. Look for ease of installation, comfort, a one latch harness and adjustability. Before you purchase a car seat buckle and unbuckle it several times to make sure it is easy to use.

Diaper Bag

Choose a bag with long shoulder straps so it’s comfortable. Diaper bags with changing pads make changing easy wherever you travel. Look for multiple waterproof compartments with zipper closings. Along with a large bag for long trips you may want to consider a small bag for quick trips. Something to carry a few diapers, wipes and bottles.

The Little Extras


A monitor is helpful for hearing baby cry when your out of the room or in another part of the house. Some models transmit not only sounds but also flashing lights in case you are running the vacuum or watching TV. Most receivers will clip on your belt for mobility. One point of interest: some monitors will transmit sounds over other monitors or portable phones in the area. So be careful what you discuss, as your neighbors may also be in on the conversation!

Baby Swing

This is great for calming an unhappy baby. Look for swings operated with a quiet wind feature rather than a noisy hand crank. Swings with an on/off switch eliminate winding, but require batteries. Do not use a baby swing with babies younger than 6 weeks as they are still small enough to fall out.


A crib mobile can be a great thing for keeping baby entertained during changing and when going to sleep. Remember to remove the mobile when your baby can pull himself up.

Your Future Needs

Feeding Chairs

You will want a chair with an easy to remove and lock tray, a wide top to catch spills and messes, and a wide non-tip base. There are chairs on the market now that can be adjusted up or down and tilted back for ease of feeding the very young baby. These extra features can be helpful but not absolutely necessary.


Safety Gates

These are used to block doorways and stairs that may be harmful for a baby. Watch for an easy to open and close latch for adults, but not children.