How To Repel Nagging Parents!


As sure as the world turns, the seasons change, the tide rushes into shore, your parents are unfailingly and regularly going to nag, harass and ask you about your life, education and career! It’s inescapable. Its almost as if its been written into their DNA. It’s something they just cant help, they all feel this urge, this desire, this drive, this force that they are powerless to repel or disobey that keeps whispering in their ears, “MUST NAG MUST NAG MUST NAG!” Well, it’s commonly held that they only do it coz they love you and care for you etc etc. I agree fully with that, but hey we gotta live with it right? So I say we may as well take care of it as far as we can.
Here are a couple of repellants!

The basic question here is what can be done when your parents bring up the subject of your education/ career plans/ life plans and the works?

  • Teenage Angst: You’ve got to learn to use all the cards at your disposal. The teenage angst angle is something that your parents don’t need any introduction to. Believe me they are more than aware of its existence. Most of the time, they attribute it to the degeneration of the morality and integrity of this generation. You must use this to your advantage. Depict yourself as the innocent-in-a-sea-of-corruption weighed down by the forces that threaten to overcome you, valiantly struggling against the currents that push against you. But bear in mind that you must NEVER show that you are losing!! Make it look like a tough fight, but one that you are winning! Say as an average teenager in this extremely competitive world, you are astonished that they could pressurize you in such a manner and that you are going through enough of an existential crisis and angst without your home turning on you as well.


The guilt-trip: Though this might seem similar to the last one, it is not. The former deals with the generation of pity as a deterrent. This one deals with the single-minded generation of Guilt! Nothing works better than to lay guilt on them; that way they feel indebted to you and therefore obliged not to put any more pressure on you! Here you must actively blame them for not doing well in the past! All your past failures or below-par performances should be attributed to being a repercussion of the pressure that they’ve put on you. Lay the blame- lock, stock and barrel on them! This heightens the intensity of your plight and will definitely make them think at least twice before bringing it up again. A little word of caution, though, I think is required, because there might be a slight complication! After you point the finger at them, they will sometimes remind you that you really didn’t work very hard (which you didn’t!). At this point, the only advice I can give you is that you must be strong, vociferous and confident in your argument without backing down! Best of luck!