What causes Red and Tired Eyes?


There are a lot of reasons why these mirrors to your soul suddenly turn blurry, red and lose their sparkle. Growing pollution, staying awake late to study and not making up for the sleep, wearing lenses most of the time and ill-fitting glasses are some of them. At times, viral infections and general health problems also cause your eyes to look dull and bleary.

The effect of eye makeup on your eyes

The worst damage to the eyes is caused by overindulgence of make up, eye-tones and under eye creams. In the rush to look pretty, we ignore the after effects that these external elements can do to our eyes. Eyes, being the most sensitive organs and having the most delicate skin, need a lot of tender and loving care.

Eye drops, over-the-counter eye medicines are harmful

Assuming that tired, reddish eyes are the result of over indulgence in makeup, the condition should remedy itself within a day if your eyes are healthy. Eyewashes have been termed 'among the least helpful' of all over the counter drugs sold. Yes, they do produce a brief soothing, but that is about all.

Although drops or baths that claim to reduce or eliminate the redness, unfortunately a rebound effect follows. Repeated usage of these products leads to an increasing dosage 'to clear up' the difficulty. What's even worse, constant use of eyewashes, drops and eye baths may lead to chronic eye problems, among them 'glaucoma', a disease that can cause literal Blindness.

Treating dull and tired eyes

If you really want to treat tired eyes, then I suggest that you should go for home remedies. They are safe, have no side effects and will cost you almost nothing. The simplest home remedy for tired eyes is as follows:

Place two drops of cold water in your lower eyelid with a clean and clear eyedropper. Your eyes may burn but the water will wash away the discomfort.

Dark circles are the consequence of blood passing through the veins in close proximity to the thin surface of the eyelids. These are accentuated when you are tired or physically weakened. They are often hereditary but lack of rest may also cause those ugly dark patches to develop. Puffiness and darkening of eyes advances with age so it is best that you take care of them right now.

Not that you cannot put on eyeliners, false eye lashes, Kohl and lenses But it is extremely important to remember that you chose a product that is manufactured by a reputed manufacturer. Applying eyeliners is an artists job and more so removing it with minimum smudging. Be extremely careful and see that it doesn't run into your eyes. Similarly for removing and putting on your contact lenses.

Important things to remember:

1. Never/avoid rubbing your eyelids with your fingers.

2. Never exchange glasses or lenses with friends-It might lead to infection.

3. Always wear sunglasses when you are going out in the sun or if it is windy, especially so if you wear contact lenses.

4. When in doubt regarding eye irritation or swelling etc- it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist.

5. Use products/cosmetics only after making sure it comes from a reputed manufacturer.

6. While buying a product please look for the manufacturing/ expiry date.