The Mystical Power of Gems


An Introduction To Gem Therapy


Women love gems. And the bigger the sparklers-the better! Did you know that the stones you sport on your fingers, wrists and neck are more than mere decoration or even a status symbol? They carry mysterious powers. Powers, which can affect your physical health, wealth and emotional well-being!


From time immemorial, men have believed that Nature, be it the cosmos, the earth or even trees and flowers, have all impacted the lives of human beings. Believed to be made out of starry stuff, gems and metals are borne of the earth, out of brimstone and fire and are revered as gifts of the mother goddess. Some gemstones in particular have been associated with divinity and are believed to possess certain magnetic energies that have zodiac concordance. Mystics believe that these gemstones have influence over human lives and worn as a talisman, they have the powers to ward off evil. The whole idea is one of harmony, to coexist with the universe and be one with it. Gemstones were initially used for religious purposes as they were thought to possess magical powers. Some stones like the saligram, which is actually a trilobite fossil, continue to be used even today in places of worship. Used also in the occult sciences, the therapeutic values of gemstones were employed to prevent or ameliorate the suffering of human beings.


If you wear a gemstone that belongs to your zodiac sign, it is thought that you become a sympathetic medium for the transmission of stellar influences rather than merely being a symbol of the planet. The first step towards understanding gem therapy is therefore to know which planets are associated with which gems.


The following is the correlation between gems and the days of the week.

 Day of the Week Planet Gemstones
 Sunday  Sun  Gold and Yellow stones, like Amber and Yellow Topaz.
 Monday Moon All white stones like Pearls and Moonstones
 Tuesday Mars All red stones like Rubies and Garnets
 Wednesday Mercury All blue stones like Turquoise, Sapphire, and Lapis Lazuli
 Thursday Jupiter All purple stones like Amethysts
 Friday Venus All green stones like Emeralds and Malachite
 Saturday Saturn All black and white stones like Diamonds, Opal, Smoky Topaz