Kids Room Decor Ideas


Tips to decorate your kid's room...


●       Don't get carried away by the thought that everything has to be a smaller version. Your children will outgrow things surprisingly quickly. Design furniture that will survive the next five to ten years without too many alterations.


●       Choose hardy surfaces that will allow your child to play without causing you worry.


●       Pick colours that don’t show wear and tear easily but that the child will enjoy.


●       Stimulate the child by using lively colours in his room – bright colours can be used but in limited areas so as not to make the room disturbing. If there are two children, pick a colour for each of them so they can personalize the space


●       Cover a wall with soft board and let them pin artwork or posters.


●       There are so many activities that will take place in this room over the years that you must plan for them. Your child will first sleep and play here, then study here before inviting his friends over.


●       Decorate the room with latest kid's wall hangs and cartoon characters if your child is less than twelve.  For growing child's room you can always put the posters of Icons like Vivekananda... or whoever your child opt. But be sure that he should learn good from his idol.


●       Check your teenager room every alternate day. They may get in to wrong ways of life with the constant touch of friends. Check his belongings, desk, sheets, racks, even bath room


●       If you can... even decorate bathroom with cartoon characters for your growing kid. Change the accessories of bathroom with the latest arrivals to capture the attention.


●       You can also put some green plant and ask your kid to take care of it. By this way you can cultivate eco awareness in your child.


●       Put less of curtains in your kids room. Lot of ventilation is needed in it. Instead of curtains put blinds of different colors.