Fun Ways To Get Into Shape


Remember when exercising was actually fun and not just some dreary hyped-up craze you felt you had to take part in. Well, dig out your old toys and get yourself into shape by simply having some fun!


Skipping Rope

This is a terrific calorie burner in addition to being extremely enjoyable to people of all ages. It not only tones your calves and leg muscles, but also targets the shoulders and has some real kick-ass aerobic benefits, literally!


Put on some funky music, and start jumping rope for 1 minute from the front, a minute from the back and then a minute with the rope swaying side-to-side. Build up to 2-5 minutes of non-stop hopping, and see the difference in our stamina and overall body toning in just a week.




A little wiggle to the left

And a wiggle to the right


Helps get rid of the little wiggle in sight…


The hula-hoop gives an exhaustive workout to your stomach and hips, and has the same strengthening benefits to the abdominal muscles as crunches, sans the tediousness. Don't expect to hula-hoop like a Hawaiian dancer on the first try, but start slowly, concentrating on the form more than the speed. Assume the classic hula-hoop position and start the mid spinning. Once you are comfortable with this movement, increase the intensity of the exercise by carrying some light dumbbells in each hand and do side turns while swaying your mid wiggle away.


Obstacle Course


You don't have to be in the middle of a track field for an obstacle course, but can create one in your backyard to yield the benefits it has on the legs and general aerobic well being. Get out your dolls and action figures (none with wheels) and line them up keeping a distance of about 2 feet between each one. Now, hop over each of the figures, raising the knees high u, and when you reach at the end run back to the beginning and start all over again.