Bathroom cabinets add beauty


The word bathroom means a room which is intended to be used for a bath. It usually contains a lavatory seat, a bath tub or shower area and a sink. The building of bathrooms dates back to as early as 3000B.C. Nowadays people have designed it in such ways that suit them on individual basis such as in terms of storage, luxury, comfort and even style.

Many people like building dressing rooms inside their bathrooms while some like to keep them spacious with only the necessary things in it. A sink cabinet is usually placed above the sink which contains toiletries, medication and other sanitation items. Many sink cabinets give a very elegant and stylish look to the bathroom with their precise and sleek lines rather than just giving a drab old plain look. You can nowadays design the cabinet according to your needs in terms of






You can select the required size for your sink cabinet whether you are designing it yourself or getting it made by a carpenter or even buying a ready-made one. For a small bathroom it can consist of drawers which can be pulled or pushed when needed. A built-in mirror cabinet can be used which gives room to keep essential toilet items as well as provides an appropriate place to position the mirror. It can even consist of shelves which provide ample space for storing toiletries. A big bathroom gives you the option of placing a cabinet of your choice whether big or small under or above the sink.


Many ways can be used to store things in toilets. The cabinets can be placed under the sinks, above them or even on either side of them. Shelf organizers can do wonders for small bathrooms. Similarly pull-out bins can be used to store things. The bins can be placed on the sink counter when in use and placed back when not needed and placed under the sink again. A cabinet below the sink gives you the option of going for a wider sink with a wider cabinet under it but on the other hand a cabinet above the sink has disadvantage that a very large one have an unbalanced look.


Fashion and style plays an important role almost everywhere. No matter how simple or modern things are kept they must be in-synch with the latest style. You can choose from simple to traditional and antique to non-traditional designs. A large variety of materials can be used to build the cabinets such as wood, metal, steel, glass or even porcelain. Similarly the color of the cabinets should compliment the color of the tiles of the bathroom as well as the fittings used for the shower, tub and sink.

All these factors count when choosing a sink cabinet for your bathroom. A well thought out and designed sink cabinet can totally change the look of your bathroom. In the end it should give a distinct look not only to your guests but to u too!