Preparing for Baby's Arrival - First Wardrobe


Your Baby's First Wardrobe

There are very few new parents who can resist the temptations of new baby clothes and accessories. Just the sight of a newborns shoe can make anyone ooh and ahh with amazement. Before you head out with the charge cards and buy out all of the best baby stores you should consider the following:

Separate the necessities from the frills.

The best way to tackle shopping for your new baby is to separate the necessities from the frills. In the beginning purchase only the necessities. This way you won't be caught short on money and time as your due date approaches. Besides, you'll receive alot of the "frills" at your baby shower.

Ask your friends and relatives which things they found most useful.

There's nothing worse than spending money on "fad" items that you may not ever use. Input from people you know can help eliminate the nice but useless stuff from the really necessary things.

Hold off on buying the items that you won't need right away ( a high chair, bath seat, walkers, etc.).

Why spend the money when you can use it for other things? You may also want to wait so that you can get the newest products on the market.

Buy mostly 6-9 month sizes.

Although they may look big now, you will be amazed at how fast your baby will grow in to them. You will probably want to buy a few 3 month old outfits for dress up and special occasions. Leave the tags on your new clothes to make it easy to exchange or return them in case they are to small or large after the baby is born.

Taking all of this in mind we have put together a generic list of layette items that you will want to start with:

●     4-6 Snap sided undershirts or snap bottom body shirts

●     2-4 Blanket sleepers (in cooler weather)

●     3-5 Nightgowns with drawstring bottoms

●     3-4 Diaper Covers (when using cloth diapers)

●     3-6 Booties or socks

●     3-6 Stretch suits with feet

●     5-7 Bibs

●     1-2 Sweaters (light for summer, heavy for winter)

●     1-2 Hats

●     4-6 Receiving Blankets

●     4-6 Fitted crib sheets

●     2-3 Waterproof mattress pads

●     1-2 Bassinet sheets and blankets (if needed)

●     1-2 Comforter

●     2-3 Hooded terry towels and washrags

●     Diapers (cloth or disposable)

●     Crib comforter and bumper set


The quantity of each item that you purchase will depend on how often you intend to do laundry. If you want to do laundry everyday (although I don't know who would) you obviously won't need to purchase as many linens and outfits. When purchasing prior to baby's arrival, purchase only a few items of each style. This way you can see what works best for you and baby and purchase more of that item.