Aura Healing


There was a time if you talked about satsangs, homeopaths or vaids, you were automatically branded a quirk or a faddist. But thanks to alternative healing becoming the buzzword these days, all those old practices and theories have been taken out of the bottom drawer and begun to pass muster again. Anything that is non-intrusive or not allopathic is rapidly gaining credibility, which may make it expedient to at least understand what the fuss about auras is all about.


You already know this much - Indians have always believed that living beings are surrounded by a field of energy - prana or energy, being the very basis of life. The Buddha, it is written, after attaining enlightenment, had the 'thousand-petalled lotus of light' around his head.


Pictures of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, gurus and yogis, are shown having halos around them. These were not merely decorative or symbolic but used to indicate all those who had achieved a higher spiritual plane. Fortunately for us, this premise been vindicated by technology, which confirms that all human beings radiate energy. It is now possible to observe as well as measure these electro-magnetic fields also known as auras, thereby confirming what the mystics have been saying for centuries.




Auras are as distinctive as fingerprints or palm prints and are impacted by people and environment. Have you ever wondered how you make snap judgments about people you've just met? We feel drained and threatened by some, while we 'vibe' easily with others. We are intuitively attracted to strangers and repelled by others. The western world calls this instant connection chemistry or being on the same wavelength. These vibrations are not restricted to people. There are some homes you walk into that exude warmth and joy while other houses have a palpable sense of gloom about them. These intense emotional reactions have been attributed to auras or the energies that emanate from people. Itzhak Bentov, a scientist who has done work connecting altered states of consciousness to extra sensory perceptions, in his book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum, claims that auras are said to be in constant interaction with each other and more prolonged the interaction, the greater the effect on the auras. Consequently, the auras of family members, longtime friends, and people married for many years are likely to grow more and more similar! This may account for why married people intuitively know what the other is going to say or react!


Auras reflect the state of our health, mind, character, and emotional well-being and are therefore able to predict diseases long before there are any symptoms. Well-adjusted, happy people have balanced auras, while those who are constantly stressed, angry and ill have auras that are in disarray.


When a person is ill or disturbed, the usually bright aura appears dull and shows dark gaps at the edges. This is because energy levels in the body drop dramatically.


The Kirlian camera invented in 1930 by Russian scientist Seymour Kirlian can detect these energy deficits. The positions of these gaps correspond to certain illnesses. For example, photographs of patients with cystic fibrosis show the same abnormal energy fields in everyone having the disease regardless of whether they have symptoms as yet. Cancer patients have auras that look unusually bright when compared to healthy auras and regular use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco is said to reduce their luminescence. Auras are also being used to detect hormonal changes because there is a direct link between energy levels and menstrual cycles.


Readers of auras also believe the mind plays a very important part in auras. The brain perceives thoughts and translates them into electrical impulses.


Thoughts thus become energies and have the ability to affect the well-being of a person. Take depression for example. People who are depressed over periods of time tend to dwell in that frame of mind thereby lowering their energy levels. They feel fatigued, lethargic and their negative thoughts extend outwards. The cycle continues until something is altered to charge their environment.